Adam Zoltowski © Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux 2014
Adam Zoltowski © Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux 2014

Lives and works in London.


  • Ben Luke of Evening Standard writes “There’s a strong aspect of the grotesque in this year’s show, perhaps reflecting Chetwynd’s influence, from Adam Zoltowski’s Dirty Old Man, a mocking take on bird-poo stained public sculpture…” – 2 Dec 2014, Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014
  • In FAD Magazine by Tabish Khan, “The strongest works in this exhibition were figurative, including …the Dirty Old Man by Adam Zoltowski – a  more energetic take on Gormley’s signature style.” – 30 November 2014
  • Adam Zoltowski, curator of “Office Party” for Office Sessions III in East India Docks, London, describes his vision for this 6-week residency/project: “‘Work is a place” he writes, “but also a state of mind. A zone. What is a defunct or empty workplace?”’The answer, he continues, depicts the space as ‘an inter-zone. A heterotopia. A perfect vessel for the encounter with art because the best encounters are unexpected.'” – 25 November 2015 in kelise72.com
  • Western Morning News J Bayley writes, “As this exhibition demonstrates, the competition from their contemporaries is fierce. Among the notable are… Adam Zoltowski’s Dirty Old Man…Diverse and at times difficult but entertaining and engaging, this is a show best summed up by Enrico David … one of the three selectors… “We’ve tried to highlight what we felt was the strongest and most accomplished work by a group of young artists, and perhaps this will be appreciated and shared by whoever sees the show.” – 31 March 2015
  • Adam Zoltowski in his studio as featured on photographer Stephen Lubo’s website
  • View more about Adam Zoltowski on Bloomberg Contemporaries

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